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We are designers just like you.
In fact, founder Stephanie Carter is not only a designer but an Art Print Club customer as well. Stephanie started her career as an illustrator and went on to license her designs on many gift and home decor products. Art Print Club was born from a desire to offer decor products directly to customers. Stephanie wanted a way to manufacture products without sacrificing her creative vision and without carrying machine and inventory costs, thus realizing a higher profit margin. What better way to create a solution than to start a community of designers who can all benefit together.

We understand the passion that you put into crafting your designs and we have made it our goal to help you sell beautiful products that your customers will love. All while increasing your profit margins.

Let’s craft something beautiful together!

We want to hear from you and welcome your questions and suggestions anytime. Contact us.

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Our Products

We have chosen to craft our products using natural materials from sustainable resources wherever possible. We strive to offer you unique items that are of high quality. It’s hard to get excited about showcasing your designs on polyester or framed in plastic; we get it. We hope we can delight you and inspire you to create truly beautiful decor items.

We are always on the lookout for new and unique product ideas and would love to hear your suggestions. Do you have a product idea you know your customers would love to buy? Let us know!

Our Printing Process

Quality is very important to us. As a result we use printers that are well known for their quality results. Our products are printed on the following machines:
-Paper prints-Epson pro 9890 using archival inks.
-Canvas prints- Epson pro 9890 using archival inks
-Birchwood panels- Canon Fiery color system using our proprietary wood transfer process.
-Textiles - Epson SureColor F2000
In order for us to deliver the best color matching we can, we highly recommend setting up your computer monitor using our color matching process.
Please go here for instructions.

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